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The Importance of Seeing Ernest

Oct 22, 2018

The Importance of Seeing Ernest

Bonus: Ernest Saves Christmas....Raw & Uncut

It's time to enjoy the raw audio that was used to make our Ernest Saves Christmas episode. Hear the show without the edits, sound bites, and trimming of the fat. Enjoy extra long ramblings, off topic conversation, and Derek leaving the room to get more alcohol. Consider this a peak behind OUR denim curtain. 


Three friends decided to embark on a journey that will take them to fond reminders of childhood, as well as some new content they’ve never watched before. They will be sitting down together, watching every Ernest program in chronological order, and then recording a podcast about each show.
From local commercials, to Ernest in the Army, of one, that is. This is The Importance of Seeing Ernest, the comprehensive and encyclopedic compendium of all things Ernest. This is good film making, Vern. Feel free to follow along with us by becoming a Vernonite. Like, Subscribe, Tell a friend. @SeeingErnest on FB & Twitter. Send all your Ernest memories and questions to